ALEXMOS 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller

ALEXMOS 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller
ALEXMOS 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller
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AlexMos Simple BGC 
AlexMos SimpleBGC V2.3 "AlexMos"  Simple Brushless Gimbal Controller. This board set is fully assembled and ready to use. Board have latest firmware designed by Aleksey Moskalenko.You can upload new software any time by onboard USB.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you will loose all previous setting after upgrading to this version. 

What is new on V2.3

  • Bug fixed: multiple YAW turns caused variable overflow and instability
  • Bug fixed: if the system starts in the YAW lock mode, the camera can accidentally  rotate to fixed angle.
  • Bug fixed: in Follow PITCH mode, if camera is pitched by 30-50 degree, ROLL looses horizon level if panning by YAW.
  • (2.3b5) Bug fixed: some parameters are always kept their default values regardless of GUI setting
  • Follow PITCH mode extended by the new setting to configure the ROLL axis lock-to-follow transition.
  • If Flight Controller (EXT_FC) is connected and calibrated, the system becomes more stable in the bigger range of inclination angles (even pitched +-80 degrees)
  • Battery monitoring and buzzer:
    • Voltage drop compensation (PID becomes stable during whole battery lifecycle)
    • Low-Voltage alarms and motor cut-off
      (This feature will be supported on some newest boards or old ones with the hardware mod. See user manual for details.)
  • RC mapping improved: Any of PWM, Sum-PPM, or Analog modes may be set for any of RC inputs separately.
    • it lets to use YAW-encoder or joystick together with RC control or External Flight Controller
    • it may be required to re-configure RC inputs after firmware upgrade
  • RC mix option: you can mix 2 inputs together before applying to any of ROLL, PITCH or YAW axis. It lets to control camera  from 2 sources (joystick and remote for example)
  • Serial API extended by the 'C' command (camera control). Example written in C++ for Arduino is provided in doc.
  • New option to limit angular accelerations in case of hard RC or Serial control (useful to prevents jerks or skipped steps, smoother camera control, less impact on multirotor's frame)
  • PID settings: I-term internally multiplied by P-term to increase I response when P is high.
  • "Compensate acceleration" algorythm removed to free up program space for more important features
  • (GUI) New Full-screen mode available to better fit GUI in small displays
  • (GUI) Bug fixed: firmware upgrade fails if working path contains spaces.
  • (GUI) New button to switch motors ON/OFF
  • (GUI) Italian and Czech translation (thanks to Iacopo Boccalari, Lubos Chatval)
  • (GUI) 2 new high-contrast themes for outdoor usage
  • (GUI) New red marker: shows RC controlled angle that gimbal should maintain

50*50mm size with 45*45mm mounting hole pattern for M3 screws
Onboard USB
Access to serial port, so a Bluetooth can also be hooked for easy tuning.
L6234 Motor drivers
2 motors can be driven with this board
Atmega 328P with Alexmos Bootloader preinstalled
Controller weight: 15 grams
MPU6050 IMU included
VOLTAGE : 3S LIPO (11 - 12.6 VOLT)
Latest Downloads
Firmware: SimpleBGC_2_3b5.enc.hex

User manual: SimpleBGC_manual_2_3_eng.pdf

Brushless gimbals and controllers are very new to the market and is an emerging technology. You will need some patience and effort to get it to work as seen on youtube. THIS IS NOT A PLUG AND PLAY DEVICE!


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